Pornography vs. Erotica

January 24, 2006

In the third lecture the differences between pornography and erotica was a main question. So what is the difference really?

If you get down into the nitty gritty, I don’t believe there will ever be a clear cut answer to that if for no other reason than this is such a heated topic for people to discuss. I personally seem to find most things on the erotic side of the argument. And having the actual term pornography used for the movies, such as a Vivid film, or magazines like Penthouse and Hustler.

People found the Calvin Klein ad with the male model reclined in nothing but his underwear and a vest to be pornographic because it was un-objectively sexual in an over the top manner. And while it was, I don’t believe it should be lumped into that category because nothing sexual was actually going on in the picture. The same goes with the children advertising the underwear. I can see where people might find the image to be in poor taste, but I honestly don’t believe it was promoting child pornography in the slightest way.

Basically in the end, this debate will never end. There are just too many people with opposing views. Pornography won’t be going away while there is an audience around willing to pay for it, and as long as the type of pornography that that audience wants is legal I personally see a problem with it.



  1. I agree with your statements. Erotica and pornography are pretty much the same thing, except that erotica is a watered-down version of it. The lines between these two terms are blurred due to each and everyone’s different definitions. I personally feel that erotica evokes a more personal, intimate feeling than pornography.

  2. The CK ad for children’s underwear, I too don’t think it should be labeled child pornography in any way. What better way to advertize children’s underwear than to have them wear them??? Ok, maybe there are better ways but I see no wrong in CK doing things the way they are. Back where I come from, babies’ bottoms are shown on national tv, for diaper ads. I don’t think that’s child pornography.

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